Is your WordPress updated?         Do I really need to update each time?

Well, the answer is ‘Yes.’


WordPress is an Open Source CMS software. The core developers create newer versions for 2 primary reasons:

  • more features and
  • bug fixes.

Security and performance improvements are also included in these updates. Updating to latest version of WordPress avoids the security vulnerabilities present in previous versions. Keeping your WordPress website up to date with the latest WordPress version prevents hackers from inserting malicious code (also known as malware) through plugins. Malware has a detrimental impact on your WordPress website’s performance and has a negative effect on your SEO efforts.

WordPress is the most popular CMS platform used to build websites and eCommerce websites. Due to the fact that over half the websites on the internet are built on WordPress, hackers target WordPress vulnerabilities. Hackers attempt to locate and exploit any vulnerability.

The updates address any identified or exploited vulnerability. Not updating your WordPress software is the most common reason behind websites being hacked. Hacked websites often have to be rebuilt from scratch, as it is more time consuming removing the malware than it is to rebuild.

2019 has been a particularly busy year for updates ( 16 in the first half of the year) – See update list with the release of Gutenburg.

Things to consider before you do an update:

  • Make sure PHP is updated to latest version( at least 7.2)
  • Update all plugins to latest version (if compatible)
  • Decide whether to use Classic Editor or Gutenberg Editor
  • Create a back up
  • Decide whether to stage or not
  • Cache and performance plugins may need a visit
  • Be Prepared

Tuesday, October 29, 2019

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